Why Cloth Diapers?

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Cloth diapering has been shown through independent studies to be healthier, more economical and environmentally responsible.

Environmental Facts

An estimated 18 billion disposable diapers are thrown in landfills each year, taking as many as 500 years to decompose. They are the third-largest source of solid waste in landfills. This is extremely significant considering disposable diapers are a single-use item. (1)


It takes upwards of 82,000 tons of plastic and 1.3 million tons of wood pulp, or a quarter-million trees, to manufacture the disposable diapers that cover the bottoms of 90 percent of the babies born in the U.S. (2)


The wastewater produced from washing diapers is benign, while the wastewater from the manufacture of the pulp, paper, and plastics used in disposable diapers contains dioxins, solvents, sludge, and heavy metals. (3)


Chlorine bleach, whose manufacture is harmful to the atmosphere, can be used in whitening and/or disinfecting diaper service diapers, but the paper-bleaching process used to produce disposable diapers has a far greater environmental impact. (4)

Cotton, of course, is not without its downsides. While grown conventionally, it can be a major contributor of harmful pesticides to the environment. However, organic unbleached cotton diapers, when used as an alternative, can greatly reduce this impact, especially when only a couple dozen are needed for each child.

The cost of my service is comparable to, if not less than, disposable diapers (depending on the brand). Using Natural Bottoms will help to dramatically lessen the negative impact on the environment and avoid exposing your baby to dioxin, a carcinogenic found in disposable diapers that is listed by the EPA as the most toxic of cancer-related chemicals.


But nothing says it better than the contented look on your little one’s face when he experiences healthy skin and potty trains on average one year earlier. That’s right—one year earlier. Do that math when you choose disposable diapers.

The Laundering Process

Evergreen Cooperatives Laundering ProcessI have worked in the medical field for more than fifteen years and know the importance of cleanliness and sanitization. Evergreen Cooperatives cleans all of our diapers and accessories. They are an eco-friendly medical laundry service located in downtown Cleveland. Your diapers will be as clean as the blanket your baby was wrapped in the day he was born.


My goal is to meet or exceed hospital standards. This can be easily achieved by using eco-friendly products. Rest assured that we are being extremely environmentally conscious and chemically safe.


I hope I can put aside any concerns or worries you may have regarding the cleanliness of your cloth diapers. This is by far the most important aspect of my business, next to giving your baby and the planet the most precious gift of all: a safe, clean and happy future.


For more information on the laundering process visit www.evergreencoop.com


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